Liner Notes

Lyrics written by Kris McDaniel

Kris McDaniel: vocals, keyboards, edrums, electric guitar, bass guitar

Cover art by Carrie Jenkins

History of philosophy is hard. Really hard. Especially since you can’t email dead people!


Many have loved the words
They drafted in your wake
Each of them takes their turn
Defending an interpretative mistake

Well when what you wrote is so hard to understand
It’s no surprise that this is the case
And there is always another text to discover
To fuel the hermeneutical race

Many have loved their words
Maybe more than they loved you
Each of them polishes a phrase
That they try to fit you into

Well when you wrote is so freaking obscure
It’s no surprised that we’re all confused
But still some of us like to take things too far
Until the text starts seeming misused

And I’m tired
Feeling if not broken than bent
Reading thousands of pages written through all the ages
Trying to figure out what you meant

Well when what you wrote is so mysteriously vague
It’s no wonder that we’re all misled
And maybe if you were here you could make this thing clear
But unfortunately you’re dead