Liner Notes

Lyrics written by Kris McDaniel

Kris McDaniel: vocals, keyboards

Cover art by Carrie Jenkins

Some musings on perspective and the meaning of life.


Did it make you feel small
To contemplate it all?
The universe, spread across space and time
Filled with billions and billions of other minds
Imagine seeing it all at once
Like a panorama painted on the wall
And what corresponded to your life
Would be a paint drop that was infinitely small
And would that make you feel small
To contemplate it all?
But now imagine all the words
In this vast world spoken at the very same time
You couldn’t separate them at all
And so no meaning in them you would find
So turn your gaze from that wall
And listen closely to me
As I tell you that I love you most of all
And I am as small as thee