Liner Notes

Music by Carrie Jenkins, Kris McDaniel, Ben Bradley and Hille Paakkunainen.
Lyrics by Carrie Jenkins.

Carrie Jenkins — vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, psaltery, flageolet
Kris McDaniel — keyboards, glockenspiel
Ben Bradley — electric bass
Hille Paakkunainen — edrums

Carrie’s parts recorded by Kris and Carrie in Vancouver and Syracuse.
Kris’, Ben’s and Hille’s parts recorded by Kris, Ben and Hille in Syracuse.

Art by Paul Prescott


So the paper is done. It was pretty OK,
But there’s something to say.
Something that really could move things along,
Not just saying it’s wrong.
Not just making myself look good
(Although it would).

So I’m trying to be clear here my hand’s in the air.
Come on now the chair.
I’m not quite sure but I think that he saw,
But I’ll check in once more
So he knows I’m all set, my question’s rehearsed
And I could be his first.

Call on me …
I’m waiting here for you to call on me.

Question time’s ticking, I’m still in the queue.
Well between me and you,
Most of the obvious stuff has been done,
But my point’s still to come
And this one person’s being incredibly slow.
Fifteen minutes to go.

Call on me …
I’m waiting here for you to call on me.

Did the chair miss my hand?
Is it time I took a stand?
Is there anything I could do or say
To make him look my way?

Now the big names have all been called, some of them twice.
That’s not very nice.
He’s scanning the room like he’s trying to take stock;
Now he’s checking the clock.
It’s time to admit things are not looking great,
But we started late …

Call on me …
I’m waiting here for you to call on me.

Call on me …
I’m waiting here for you, waiting here for you,
Waiting here for you to call on me.