Liner Notes

Music by Carrie Jenkins, Ben Bradley, Kris McDaniel.
Lyrics by Carrie Jenkins.

Carrie Jenkins — vocals, piano, whistle
Ben Bradley — vocals, electric guitar, keyboards
Kris McDaniel — vocals, edrums

Carrie’s parts were recorded by Carrie in Nottingham.
Kris and Ben’s parts were recorded by Kris and Ben in Syracuse.
Song engineered by Kris McDaniel.

Art by Paul Prescott


Some say philosophers have a platitude problem
Created by the attitude of them
Toward the ordinary man
On the street, on the Clapham omnibus
No way elite, yet he’s what all the fuss is about.
He’s common sense to hand out.

Listen to the folk.
Bats have a point of view.
Listen to the folk.
Mary learns something new.
Listen to the folk.
There’s just one right thing to do.
Listen to the folk.
The brain recipient would be you.

Common sense sounds like good stuff,
But I think I have enough.
Someone tell me why I ought to,
Why I ought to

Listen to the folk.
There are mountains and snow.
Listen to the folk.
Some emotions never show.
Listen to the folk.
Water must be H2O.
Listen to the folk.
Mr Smith doesn’t know.

Some of my best friends are folk.
It’s not like we never spoke.
In a sense I have been listening,
I’ve been listening all my life.
Yet I’m hearing some critique
Of my quaint armchair technique
When you tell me that I ought to
That I ought to

Listen to the folk.
Grass is green, as are trees.
Listen to the folk.
Searle does not speak Chinese.
Listen to the folk.
The moon’s not made of green cheese.
Listen to the folk.
Sets for all properties.