Liner Notes

Music by Kris McDaniel, vocal harmonies by Carrie Jenkins.
Lyrics by Kris McDaniel and Carrie Jenkins.

Carrie Jenkins — vocals
Kris McDaniel — vocals, classical guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, drum programming

Carrie’s parts were recorded by Carrie in Nottingham.
Kris’ parts were recorded by Kris in Syracuse.
Song engineered by Kris McDaniel.

Art by Paul Prescott


We wanted to make
One out of two
But we didn’t know
What we needed to do

What’s the correct
Description of the act?
Would it suffice
To make perfect contact?

So tell me, when does composition occur?

What would happen were we to kiss?
What if I were to touch you like this?
What if you held me and wouldn’t let go?
Would an intuition still tell us no?

So tell me, when does composition occur?

I was tempted by a serpent
Coiled into a net
He told me composition
Hadn’t happened yet
And all our work would be in vain
Of no ontological worth
For all we’d do is rearrange
The furniture of the earth

So tell me, when does composition occur?

It can’t be automatic
We are mereologically variable
But is a life together
The answer that we’ve been searching for?