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Lecture Notes

Homework exercises

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Date assigned Description Due date
1/26/17Exercise Set 1A
1/26/17Exercise Set 1B
1/26/17Exercise Set 1C
1/31/17Exercise Set 2A
1/31/17Exercise Set 2B
1/31/17Credit Exercises 1.12/16/17
2/2/17Exercise Sets 2C / 3A
2/2/17Exercise Set 3B
2/2/17Exercise Set 3C
2/7/17Exercise Set 4A
2/7/17Exercise Set 4B
2/7/17Credit Exercises 1.22/16/17
2/9/17Exercise Set 4C
2/9/17Exercise Set 4D
2/14/17Credit Exercises 1.32/16/17
2/14/17Practice Exam 1
2/21/17Exercise Set 5B
2/23/17Exercise Set 5C
2/23/17Credit Exercises 2.13/23/17
2/28/17Exercise Set 5D
3/2/17Exercise Set 5E
3/2/17Exercise Set 5F
3/2/17Credit Exercises 2.23/23/17
3/7/17Exercise Set 5G
3/9/17Exercise Set 5H
3/9/17Credit Exercises 2.33/23/17
3/21/17Practice Exam 2
3/28/17Exercise Set 6A
3/28/17Exercise Set 6B
3/28/17Exercise Set 6C
3/28/17Exercise Set 6D
3/30/17Exercise Set 6E
3/30/17Exercise Set 6F
3/30/17Exercise Set 6G
3/30/17Exercise Set 6H
3/30/17Credit Exercises 3.14/27/17
4/4/17Exercise Set 7A
4/4/17Exercise Set 7B
4/4/17Exercise Set 7C
4/4/17Exercise Set 7D
4/4/17Exercise Set 7E
4/6/17Exercise Set 8A
4/6/17Exercise Set 8B
4/6/17Credit Exercises 3.24/27/17
4/11/17Exercise Set 8C
4/11/17Exercise Set 8D
4/13/17Exercise Set 8E
4/13/17Exercise Set 8F
4/20/17Exercise Set 8G
4/20/17Exercise Set 8H
4/20/17Credit Exercises 3.34/27/17
4/25/17Practice Exam 3
5/2/17Credit Exercises 3.45/10/17

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