Liner Notes

Lyrics written by Leneah McDaniel and Kris McDaniel

Leneah McDaniel: vocals
Kris McDaniel: electric guitar, electric ukulele, bass guitar, edrums, keyboards

Cover art by Carrie Jenkins

Things change all the time. Sometimes they change so dramatically that they go out of existence. Sometimes they change radically but still continue to exist. What are the principles that make something stay the same through change? This question is especially pressing since we undergo changes, sometimes extreme changes.


I’m standing by the river’s edge
It’s flowing silently
But the water is never the same
And that’s what’s puzzling me

Is the river identical?
Or only equivalent?
What makes the river remain?
I am ambivalent

A million things to think about
All of which makes me doubt
terrifying it might be
To experience all the changes you might see

I’m standing by the river’s edge
I look as far as I can see
It recedes into the horizon
And I feel time washing over me

I will never be the same
But the me that you know is still here
Because my memories remain
So you’ve got to no reason to fear

You’ve got no reason to fear
I am still here