Liner Notes

Music by Kris McDaniel, Ben Bradley and Carrie Jenkins.
Lyrics by Kris McDaniel.

Kris McDaniel — vocals, acoustic guitar, drum programming
Ben Bradley — vocals, electric guitar, electric bass, cello
Carrie Jenkins — vocals, electric clarsach, piano

Carrie’s parts were recorded by Carrie in Nottingham.
Kris and Ben’s parts were recorded by Kris and Ben in Syracuse.
Song engineered by Kris McDaniel.

Art by Paul Prescott


There’s a choice that will have to be made
It will be determined by a previous state
But with an infinite analysis you’ll see
There’s still room for contingency

I know the temptation to hesitate
I’m a monad, but I can relate
Feels like you’re marching to someone else’s beat
Singing in pre-established harmony

Do you want to be
A monad in the 21st Century?

I know what it’s like to have all of these fears
But the phenomenal only well-foundedly appears
And it’s grounded in an elegant simplicity
I reflect you and you reflect me

But there’s a price that will have to be paid
To reconcile what’s good with what is depraved
So make your choice before it’s too late
There’s a best possible world to create

Do you want to be
A monad in the 21st Century?

The possibles are striving to be real
I think I know how they must feel
With an infinite analysis you would see
You complete the concept of me

Do you want to be
A monad in the 21st century?