Liner Notes

Lyrics by Carrie Jenkins

Ben Bradley: bass guitar, cello
Carrie Jenkins: piano, vocals
Kris McDaniel: minor percussion
Hille Paakkunainen: edrums

Art by Paul Prescott


You say they can’t take this away from you
Well there’s nothing there to take
Dissolve that unhappy face solution
There’s something better we can make

But only if we get started
If we get ourselves a ground

We make our claims to knowledge
Trusting in our abilities
And no we can’t check it’s all ok
And put every mind at ease

But you know we can still get started
We can get ourselves a ground
So come and get started
You just take a look around

When the sceptic comes to stay
Oh don’t you concede
No all you have to say
Is I have what I need

Nobody is entitled

You never need to access it
No it just needs to be there
Subpersonal achievement
And I see it everywhere

So come on let’s get started
Let’s get ourselves a ground
Come on and get started
Let’s get a real foundation