Liner Notes

Music by Kris McDaniel
Lyrics by Joshua Spencer
Recorded in Syracuse by Yoko Monad
Mixed by Kris McDaniel
Remixed by Kris McDaniel

Art by Paul Prescott


I’ll direct the fine flower of my intellect
On the horizon, to metaphysically reflect
I hope the horizon is not turned in on me
Like an infinite mystery, with no end to see

Lines: half inch long, quarter inch and eighth,
That’s how numbers: one, two and three are made.
Crafting the others, go on as before.
Then draw a line, one inch long or more.

“Behold, I have drawn all the numbers in 1”
“Outrageous!” you reply, “No such thing has been done!”
The potential belies an actual infinity
But a problem still lurks in the vicinity

In π, are there four sevens in a row?
The finitist responds “neither yes nor no”
But, does he find a middle to include
No! just some statements to eschew

On a priori grounds, you cannot withhold
That there mightn’t be a last star to behold
Don’t be frightened of this possibility
Just embrace the actual infinity

To answer all your philosophic question
Arithmetize the language, and do a Zeno session
Infinity’s library contains a masterly treatise
Beyond revision, beyond great geniu

My utopian concepts transcend the empirical
Sober friends find my dialectic satirical
I will have my infinite in the end,
Aspiring against your downward trend

On a priori grounds you cannot withhold
Non-denumerably many stars to behold
Zeno your rocket outside our vicinity
And fully embrace the actual infinity