Liner Notes

Lyrics by Carrie Jenkins.

Ben Bradley: bass guitar
Carrie Jenkins: piano, vocals, organ
Kris McDaniel: vocals
Hille Paakkunainen: edrums

Art by Paul Prescott


Well the time has come
It’s 1921 again
And I’ve come back for the old man
That vendor of death, that profiteer of pain

So I went into a bar
I said have you seen this guy
He looks a little bit like me
He’d be, oh, maybe 25

I’ve got a rage in my heart
And the best rifle money can buy
I got a practiced and steady deadly aim
Oh grandfather, you better run better hide

Well they say in this life
You don’t get no second time around
But there ain’t nothing here
That’s gonna stop me
From putting the old man down

I’ve got what it takes
Yeah I’ve got it all planned
I’ve checked the road for banana skins
The forces of logic won’t stay my hand!

I can do this … Yes I can