Liner Notes

Music by Kris McDaniel, Ben Bradley, Carrie Jenkins, Hille Paakkunainen.
Lyrics by Kris McDaniel.

Ben Bradley — bass guitar, electric 12 string guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Carrie Jenkins — vocals
Kris McDaniel — vocals, electric guitar, electric slide guitar, synthesizers
Hille Paakkunainen — edrums

Recorded by the 21st Century Monads in Syracuse.
Mixed by Kris McDaniel.

Art by Paul Prescott


I admit I lost my faith
When I felt the shake from a Lisbon quake
And I could not believe
This is how things ought to be
So I wondered from place to place
But the evils of the human race
They made themselves apparent
That they were inherent

My life felt like someone else’s dream
And that’s when it came to me, and I could see

This is not the actual world

Yeah we’re in world 223
And a world like this must in some sense be
For God’s not choosing it to be praiseworthy
And what else could explain
This seeming random distribution of pleasure and pain?
On the just and the unjust alike
Falls the same rain

This theodicy it might seem odd
But it helped me make my peace with God, and now I see

This is not the actual world