Liner Notes

Music by Kris McDaniel, Ben Bradley, and Carrie Jenkins.
Lyrics by Kris McDaniel.

Kris McDaniel — vocals, electric guitar, edrums, keyboards, drum programming
Ben Bradley — electric guitar, keyboards, edrums, drum programming
Carrie Jenkins — vocals. piano, keyboards

Carrie’s parts were recorded by Carrie in Nottingham.
Kris and Ben’s parts were recorded by Kris and Ben in Syracuse.
Song engineered by Kris McDaniel.

Art by Paul Prescott


I’m feeling stretched too thin
I feel like my shoulders are caving in
If only there was someone else just like me
With whom to divide
This burden evenly

It’s time to fission
What else could I do?
It’s time to fission
From one comes two
Or were you there all along?
Did you help to write this song?
Because of what’s to come
Were we always more than one?
Were we always more than one?
More than one

Will I simply cease to be?
Will one person be brutely me?
I admit this is a mystery
But when that time makes its arrival
There will be preserved
What matters in survival

It’s time to fission
What else could we do?
It’s time to fission
Was this decision made by two?
Or would you have preferred
That they uniquely refer
To one man in the room?
That is something we assume
We look to the stage
When it’s people that we gauge

It’s time to fission
No time to be alone
It’s time to fission
There’ll be two to share this home
With this commissurotomy
We’ll share all our memories
You’ll be closer than a brother
We’ll have hold up each other
As we wander through this life
Both children of the knife

It’s time to fission