Liner Notes

Music by Kris McDaniel
Lyrics by Joshua Spencer
Guest Vocals by Hille Paakkunainen
Recorded in Syracuse by Yoko Monad
Mixed by Kris McDaniel
Remixed by Kris McDaniel

Photo by Lewis Powell
Layout by Paul Prescott


My ‘knowledge’ is insensitive 
To your contextualist parameter
My ‘knowledge’ is insensitive 
To those conversational matter

You can say you know
And I can say “you say you know”
Without any information
Of the conversation that came before

You want to beat the demon
You want to play the lottery
You better get your game on
And do some real philosophy

My modals are insensitive
I think it really matter
My modals are insensitive
To all your silly chatter

[Infinite Progression]

Caesar would have nuked Korea
Or maybe he would have not
I really have no idea
How he would have fought

[MB interrupts] What about ‘ready’?


Et tu, bastard


You wield your lambda predicate
Like some contextualist sword
Hacking at bits of evidence
But there’s tests you ignore
Pay attention to ignorance
And those collective report
There are content difference
Of semantic and speech act sort

‘I’ be not insensitive
It passes all the test
‘I’ be not disquoted
In arbitrary context

‘I’ be not insensitive
No matter what one say
‘I’ be not insensitive
Though ‘everyone else’ is.

[Infinite Progression]

Is anything sensitive?
No ‘anything’ is not.
The only words which are sensitive
Were in Kaplan’s initial thought.